Crew Wars Rules and Instructions

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Crew Wars Rules and Instructions

Post  Blazefire on Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:08 pm

This is not the single game whit crew wars.But in this game we may have diffrent rules.So here is how to play:
-After each crew gets in a base the doors are closed and the game starts.
-The trainers of each crew start batteling each other.When someone deafeats you you can't continue the war.
-A war lasts 1hour. If an hour passed and and there are more then 5(not from the same crew) each crew whit remaining members chose 1 of the members and they fight each other.
-If only 1 crew remains and there is still time the war ends.
-The leader of the clan that won takes the rewards and he must promise he will share them whit his clan.(sometimes there can be special rewards)
To take part at the crew wars a clan must have:
-more then 20 members(and if there are 20 all must take part at the crew wars otherwise the crew can't battle)
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